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In 1998 I released to the restoration community the DILE (the Dual-Action Incremental Longitudinal Expander), the FIRST “Bi-Directional” restoration device.  After 20 years, numerous iterations of development and many hiatuses (in effort), recent advances in technology (CAD and 3D printing) have helped the DILE evolve into its final and most advanced form!

 The 20th Anniversary DILE

The Final Version of the DILE

THE DILE (Omega version)



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But what is even MORE exciting is that over the past 2 years I have been working on something that is completely new and, IMO, revolutionary!


∞ M…M…F…

(logo – forthcoming)

The M…M…F… is likely to be the most customizable and versatile foreskin restoration device EVER!

Just like the DILE was transformational back in 1998,

the M…M…F…, which is TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL (physically and conceptually),

will likely be so in 2018.

Complete your M…….. (to having a restored foreskin) with


∞ M…M…F…

(logo – forthcoming)

It can be any restoration device you want it to be!

 Standard ∞ Strapped ∞ Weighted ∞ Wedged ∞ DILEd  ∞ Bi-directional ∞ Inflated(?)

 The configurations are endless!

Look for the M…M…F…

Its coming



 If you have any questions about the newly released DILE (OMEGA version)


the forthcoming M…M…F…

feel free to contact me (Mel) at: m…m…f…@gmail.com

or use the “contact us” form as listed above