The DILE: 20 years of evolution (1998 – 2018)

Back in ~1997 when I first started restoring, I realized that I wanted to “focus” my attention on the inner (rather than the outer) skin.  After a fair amount of R&D, I developed a system (the DILE) that provided for this inner “focused” tension (see Mel’s Project for information on specific growth rates using different methods).  At first, I provided info to other restorers (via a variety of forums) about how to make the DILE themselves as I wanted to share this “advance” with the restoring community [see the following links to more “historic” references to the DILE: 1999 – listed as a stretching device in Foreskin Restoration Archive/FAQ (link no longer works); ~2000 – listed as a link in Restoration Methods at Restoringmen Net (link no longer works); ~2001 – listed in the Patent application for the Tug AHoy~2010 – Included in Tally’s Website and listed as being introduced in 1998Listed as a device option on the NORM websiteListed in Intactwiki as the first “bi-directional” restoration device]

However, it became obvious that the construction of the DILE was, perhaps, a bit beyond the capacities of the typical restorer (and beyond the capabilities of their typical compliment of home tools).  I then started getting requests to make the DILE myself (for a “fee”).  The rest is, as they say, “history.”

I launched the original DILE website back in ~September of 1998 and things were off and running.  However, with a change in jobs in ~2000 (and associated new responsibilities – not the least of which was being the father of a new and INTACT son), it became difficult to continue to provide the DILE (particularly with its investment of “man hours” and at the original “nominal” price of $35.00 and ) beyond ~2002.  In ~2005 I stumbled upon a new way to make the DILE (see pics below) and in 2006 realized that there was still indeed a market for restoration devices.  This led me to “reintroduce” the new and improved version of the DILE (and DILE products) which were available through the old version of this website until ~2014.  Life again got busy and, well, I let the DILE slide back into the shadows.

One reason for the cessation in DILE efforts was that I had an idea for a new system (the M…M…F…) and, I needed to focus my attentions.  This new system was based on CAD and 3D printing technology and towards the end of R&D for the M…M…F…, I realized that these same techniques could allow me to reproduce the DILE in a way that was truly elegant and, well, easy!

And that led me to reintroduce the DILE (Omega version) a few months in advance of introducing the M…M…F….    Both systems may have appeal to different restorers and, at least from my perspective, the DILE has its place in “foreskin restoration history” and now its back!  And, if I may be so bold to say, BETTER THAN BEFORE and at a minimum, “competitive*” with all the other “Dual-Tension” devices that it had inspired through the years! (*to say anything more would sound too boastful).

Below I provide a somewhat “Darwinian” assessment of the “Evolution” of the DILE.  Since its initial “birth” in ~1997, the DILE has gone through many changes; starting out BIG AND BULKY and transitioning through the “tapeless” version ’06 (v06) and now (in 2018), ultimately into its final form – the DILE (OMEGA version).

These changes are chronicled below.





IN THE BEGINNING (some time in 1997)

Toilet seat bolts, plastic Easter eggs and lip balm caps provide for the initial development of the DILE

1 – Made from a nylon toilet seat bolt and a plastic Easter egg

2 – Made from the same pieces as #1, but the Easter egg was ‘thinned’ by cutting it in half and gluing it back together again

3 – Same as #1 and #2, but I ‘thinned’ the Easter egg even more

4 – Made from a nylon toilet seat bolt and two lip balm tube caps



MAJOR INNOVATION (I) (some time in 1997)

[in picture above]

Stick Deodorant Parts & Friendly plastic make for a smaller, sleeker device

5 – This was the first TRUE DILE as it was made from parts of an underarm stick deodorant dispenser (Dial!).  In this DILE the Easter egg was replaced with molded Friendly plastic.



MAJOR INNOVATION (II) (~September, 1998)

[and in top picture, above]

Nylon threaded rod and nut make for ease of mass production

6 – This DILE is similar to #5 but the parts from the underarm stick deodorant have been replaced with a nylon threaded rod.  I also produced an acrylic mold so that I could mass produce the DILE.  These were the first versions to be offered for sale.




[and in top picture, above]

Use of a modified tooth paste cap allows for attachment of T-tape and a lengthening of nylon threaded rod

7 – Up to this point, the user would have to pull the tabs of the T-tape UP and OVER the nylon threaded rod.  This limited the maximum expansion of the DILE as the rod could not be very long.  Using the modified tooth paste cap (Crest) allows the user to ‘latch’ the tabs of the T-tape to the teeth in the cap.  This eliminates the need to keep the nylon threaded rod at a minimum length.



MAJOR INNOVATION (IV) (~October, 2005)

Use of small and large “high bounce” balls in conjunction with a silicone retainer provides for “tapeless” use; toothed cap and T-tapes can still be used

8 – Prior to this advancement, the DILE was T-tape dependent.  Also, there was a need to use a “nerf” insert as well.  The use of a small “high bounce” ball (top portion) and silicon retainer allows the DILE to be used as a “tapeless” device.  Additionally, because the large “high bounce” ball is so comfortable, there is no longer a need to fashion “nerf” inserts.  Also, because this version retains the threaded rod, the toothed ring cap can also be used (i.e., this version can be used as a Tapeless or T-tape device)!


MAJOR INNOVATION (V) (~January, 2008)

Use of silicone rubber and a molding process replaces the “high bounce” balls; Tapeless and T-Tape versions of the Expanding DILEs and non-expanding tuggers are now mass produced like never before!

9 – If you scroll back to pictures 6 and 7 you will see that the shape of the DILE has returned to its original form and is now once again composed of two hemispheres [and in composite form a “…single perfect sphere…” (inside joke!)].  At this point in its evolution, I really did not think there was anything more I could do to “advance” its form.   I had thought that the DILE had evolved into its final form….  I was wrong!


MAJOR INNOVATION (VI) (~January 2018 – 20 years from its introduction!)

CAD and 3D printing allow the DILE to evolve into its ultimate and final form!  3D printing companies help produce the DILE in MASS(!) quantities with professional quality!

[the “spouted-type” Glans Cap is installed on the left DILE in each picture, the “recessed-type” is installed on the right DILE in each picture]


10 – After the last “evolved form” (9 – above) of the DILE, I really did not think that was anything more I could do in terms of “advances.”  I WAS SO WRONG!  The major problem I had always had with my designs was getting the “form” to “conform” to my “vision.”  I always had to simply accept the limitations in materials or molds, etc, that were readily available (or that I could crudely fashion).  The DILE was, indeed, shackled not by imagination, but by the “realities” of the day.

But while working on the M…M…F… (which was only possible by CAD and 3D printing) I realized that I could use these same technologies to bring the DILE to a form that was indeed something I had truly always wanted and envisioned!  The DILE (Omega version) pictured above represents 20 years of evolution and is the ultimate and final version the DILE.  I named it the “Omega” version as “omega” is the last letter in the Greek alphabet.  The DILE Packages available for sale here get their designations from the Greek alphabet (Alpha, Beta, etc…) or the names of Greek Gods (Gaia, Atlas, etc…)  I timed the release of the DILE (Omega) to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the original release of the DILE (in 1998) and the introduction of “dual-tension” (now called “bi-directional”) to the foreskin restoration community.  Yes, other devices using “dual-tension” have come (and some gone) over the past 20 years.  Those other systems most certainly have helped countless man regain what was lost due to circumcision.  It is my hope that the DILE will again rejoin the ranks of “useful” tools as we all move forward to help one another re-Claim, re-Form and re-Store our bodies!