Below is an ever growing list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you do not find your question/an answer here, please contact me.  I’d be happy to update this page.

Question (Q): How much skin do I need to use the DILE?

Answer (A):  Typically, you would need ~3 inches of stretched skin tube to use the DILE (the unexpanded length of the DILE is ~3 inches tall).  It is important to note that because you need to get some skin “caught” under the retaining cone, the DILE may only be useful for intermediate restorers.  The DILE tugger (which is ~2.25 inches tall) can be used by both the beginner and intermediate restorer.  As I get feed back from users I will update this guidance accordingly.  Also, I am working (R&D) on adapters to make the DILE more accessible to those just starting out.  Please stay tuned.

Q: Can I wear the DILE at night?

A:  Night time use of any restoration device is discouraged.


Q:  I lost a part of my DILE, what should I do?

A:  Replacement parts can be found in the Shop on the DILE Parts page.


Q:  Can I wear the DILE in the shower?

A:  Yes, you most certainly can, however, that might be a good time to wash it as well!


Q:  How do I care for my DILE?

A:  Regular (daily) washing with mild hand soap, followed by air drying (typically overnight) has worked well for me.  Every so often I do give all the parts a dip in a VERY mild water/bleach solution or just toss them into a sock (rubber band the end) and wash with bleach/laundry soap when I do my whites!


Q: Is 3D printed material safe for use against skin?

A: Indeed!  Many people use 3D printed items in “cosplay” circles and some vendors are even making 3D printed clothing (see link: 3D Printed Clothing)