Precautions on DILE use

Below is a list of precautions that should be kept in mind when using the DILE.

this section will always be a “work in progress”

– The DILE should not be worn at night.

– DO NOT BE OVER AGGRESSIVE!  Like any foreskin restoration method, slow and steady wins the race!  If you experience pain when using the DILE, remove the device immediately.

– When using the DILE with a strap, be mindful to keep the tension at an appropriate level given ANY possible range in motion.

– The DILE should be removed slowly as the Glans Cap (or other “Glans Pushers“) may slightly stick to the glans.  If you were to remove it too quickly it may be uncomfortable.  You can avoid this by putting a small amount of lotion on your glans or placing a thinned cotton square between the Glans Cap (or other “Glans Pushers“) and your glans.