DILE Packages (for "recessed-type" Glans Pushers)

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It will take me a little time to build an “inventory” so please know that I will get your order shipped as soon as I possibly can, but if I need to order any parts, it could take a couple of weeks. I will stay in close contact with you if there is a delay in shipping.
This section of the Shop contains DILE Packages that use the “recessed” Glans Pushers. This series of glans pushers do not require the use of the DILE Cone. The “recessed” Glans Pushers fit directly into the bottom of the DILE Mechanism. If you are uncertain as to which DILE Package (or configuration) is right for you, please see the “Sizing your DILE” page (http://dileinsert.com/index.php/sizing/)

Note: This series of packages take their designations from the names of Greek Gods

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