Glans Pushers (“recessed-type”): Glans Cap, Round, 1/2 Round, Oval & Sets


This item includes various “recessed-type” Glans Pushers [Glans Cap and three (3) possible rounded Glans Pushers].  These “recessed-type” glans pushers fit directly into the bottom of the DILE Mechanism (and DO NOT require the DILE Cone).



Included here is the series of “recessed-type” glans pushers (NEW VERSION AS OF 2, 18, 2018).  These glans pushers have a “deep recess” that accepts (snugly) the DILE Mechanism (or DILE Spacers when attached to the bottom of the DILE Mechanism) [note: this series of glans pushers DO NOT REQUIRE the DILE Cone].  There are four (4) options: Glans Cap, Glans PusherRound, Glans Pusher -1/2 Round and Glans Pusher – Oval.  The Glans Cap has an aggressively angled leading front edge so as to minimize (or almost eliminate) any interaction with the frenulum.  The rounded options (Rounded, 1/2 Rounded & Oval) are reminiscent of previous DILE versions that used “balls” or “hemispheres” as glans pushers.  These four (4) options can be purchased individually, or in sets [all there (3) of the “Rounded” options or a set of all four (4) of the “recessed-type” glans pushers].

–> (need new pic of “new” version) <– 


Here is a series of pictures of the Glans Cap only

–> (need new pic of “new” version Glans Cap) <– 

(some images on the website show a Glans Cap that has a yellow tint – those were 3D printed with a different material)

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Glans Pushers

Glans Cap, Glans Pusher – 1/2 Round, Glans Pusher – Oval, Glans Pusher – Round, Set of 3 Glans Pushers (Round, 1/2 Round, Oval), Set of 4 Glans Pushers (Cap, Round, 1/2 Round & Oval)


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