Spacers: 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm & Set


This item includes options for DILE Spacers (1.0 cm, 1.5 cm & 2.0 cm).  They are sold individually or a set of all three (3).  These spacers expand the overall length of the DILE.



Included here are the DILE Spacers.  They come in three (3) sizes (1.0 cm, 1.5 cm and 2.0 cm) and can be purchased individually or as a set.  These DILE Spacers fit into the bottom of the DILE Cone, expanding the overall length of the DILE.  They can also be used in combination with one another.


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1 cm DILE Spacer, 1.5 cm DILE Spacer, 2 cm DILE Spacer, Set of all 3 DILE Spacers


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