NOTE AVAIL AT THIS TIME Glans Pushers (“spouted-type”): Glans Cap, Round, 1/2 Round, Oval & Sets


This item includes various “spouted type” Glans Pushers [Glans Cap and three (3) possible rounded Glans Pushers).  These “spouted type” glans pushers fit into the bottom of the REQUIRED DILE Cone.  One of these options (the Glans Cap) is compatible with the M..M…F… foreskin restoration system.



Included here is the series of “spouted type” glans pushers.  These glans pushers have a “spouted” top that fit into the underside of the REQUIRED DILE Cone.  There are four (4) options: Glans Cap*, Glans PusherRound, Glans Pusher -1/2 Round and Glans Pusher – Oval).  The Glans Cap* has an aggressively angled leading front edge so as to minimize (or almost eliminate) any interaction with the frenulum.  The rounded options (Rounded, 1/2 Rounded & Oval) are reminiscent of previous DILE versions that used “balls” or “hemispheres” as glans pushers.  These four (4) options can be purchased individually, or in sets [all there (3) of the “Rounded” options or a set of all four (4) of the “spouted type” glans pushers]. * The Glans Cap IS compatible with the M…M…F… foreskin restorations system.


Here is a series of pictures of the Glans Cap only

(some images on the website show a Glans Cap that has a yellow tint – those were 3D printed with a different material)

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Glans Pushers

Glans Cap, Glans Pusher – 1/2 Round, Glans Pusher – Oval, Glans Pusher – Round, Set of 3 Glans Pushers (Round, 1/2 Round, Oval), Set of 4 Glans Pushers (Cap, Round, 1/2 Round & Oval)


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