DILE Tugging Cap


This item includes the DILE Tugging Cap.  Its main function is to cover the bottom (flat edges) of the DILE Mechanism when using the DILE as a non-expanding tugger.  However, it may also be used as a glans pusher.


Included here is the DILE Tugging Cap.  The DILE Tugging Cap locks into the bottom of the DILE Mechanim (so as to cover the flat edges).  While this component of the DILE (Omega version) was designed to protect the glans from the “edges” of the DILE Mechanism (when the DILE was being used as a non-expanding tugger), it can also function as a glans pusher* (if the DILE is being used as an expanding device).  *This “rounded hemisphere” shape is reminiscent of early versions of the DILE that used “balls” and “silicon hemispheres” as glans pushers.



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