Sizing your DILE

The DILE is most appropriate for intermediate or advanced restorers.  This is because it does require a bit of “skin tube” for proper installation.

There are two types of DILE (Omega) configurations, one using the “recessed-type”  series of Glans Pushers and one using the “spouted-type” series of Glans Pushers (that REQUIRE the DILE Cone).

This series of pictures (top: “recessed-type”; bottom: “spouted-type”) shows the minimal overall length of the DILE (for teh two series) using various attachments (i.e., Tugger Cap, w/Glans Pusher – Oval, w/Glans Pusher 1/2 Round, w/Glans Pusher Round and w/Glans Cap).

You can see that that the overall (unexpanded) length of the DILE across all the options ranges from ~5.5 cm (with the “recessed-type” Glans Pusher – Oval)  to ~8.5 (with the “spouted-type” Glans Cap); within each series the range is ~5.5-7.0 cm for the “recessed-type” vs ~7.0-8.5 cm for the “spouted-type.”  You should see that in each series, the length of the DILE with the Tugger Cap is the same (~6.0 cm).  In the above picture, G.P. stands of Glans Pusher.

The above series of configurations do not include DILE Spacers (which is shown below for the “spouted-type” Glans Cap configuration), nor does it show the increase (of ~2.5 cm) in overall length upon “maxing out” the Eye Bolt.

PIC OF “recessed-type series — coming!


The below is a series of pictures shows the min/max overall length of the DILE (when unexpanded vs expanded) using the Glans Cap and either no DILE Spacers or various options (i.e., 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm or 2.0 cm).

In this series of pictures, the DILE is “set” with the Glans Cap.  Usage of this option as a Glans Pusher increases the amount of skin needed to install the DILE (regardless of the spacers used) – see above -, whereas using the Glans Pusher (Oval), reduces the amount of skin need.  As different restorers start using the DILE (Omega version), I will be able to provide further guidance as to the specific “set up” that may be right for you and your needs.

As you can see in this series of pictures, the minimum initial (unexpanded) overall length of the DILE (w/Glans Cap)is ~8.0 cm (w/no Spacer) and the maximum (w/2.0 cm Spacer) is ~10.0 cm.  It should be noted, if you combined DILE Spacers, this maximum distance will increase accordingly.  However,  am at a CI of ~10+ and the 2.0 cm Spacer is good enough! [NOTE: please pardon the error in distances listed on the image below – I will edit this the first chance i get!].

Upon complete expansion of the DILE (i.e., when the Top Hemisphere is in its highest position) the overall height of each of the below configurations increases by ~2.5 cm (i.e., to 10.5 cm – 12.5 cm).  Again, if more Spacers are used, this overall increase in height would increase accordingly.

It is important to note that, at present, the increase in the overall “expansion” of the DILE (regardless of configuration) is ~2.5 cm.  However, once initially installed and properly tensioned, this +2.5 cm in expansion is MORE than enough to give you good tensioning; in actuality, more possible expansion would only serve to create discomfort.

At present I am gathering information from users to determine the best guidance on configuration as per CI#.  Please be patient with me as I compile this information.

My recommendation is that if you have a CI* of ~2-3, do NOT use any Spacers, where as those with higher CI# can add Spacers as desired (see below pictures).  *I will update this information/guidance once I get useful feedback from users.  Additionally, using the Glans Pusher – Oval will help those with lower CI#.

It is important to note, however, that the shorter the DILE Spacer distance, the more the inner foreskin (as opposed to the outer foreskin) will be tensioned.  If you want to balance tension on inner and outer foreskin, the POE should be just at the leading edge of where the skin that is captured under the Skin Keeper meets the the Eye Blot.  If you want more tension on inner foreskin, the POE should be on the “exterior surface” of the skin tube (and visible through the Skin Keeper).