Below are testimonials from previous DILE users.  These are “real people” (no actors!).  All testimonials have been approved by provider.

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~~~~> Testimonials for the DILE (OMEGA version) post 2018 <~~~~


new testimonials will appear in this section, as such, this section will always be a “work in progress”




~~~~> Testimonials for the DILE pre-2018 <~~~~


Testimonial from: Mike A.

“…I like the DILE so much, I like to order a second one so I can leave it at work…”


Testimonial from: Sam from Ohio

“…I have been thrilled with how the DILE has worked for me. Its far more aggressive than the <name of other device withheld> but it doesn’t pinch at all (the same certainly cannot be said of the <name of other device withheld>)…the DILE… is my #1 device…”


Testimonial from:  David

“… It’s design is simple and it get my highest scores on performance and safety. …”


Testimonial from:  Scott M.

“…this is the best restoration device I’ve used, and I’ve used many… not only do you make a great restoration device but your customer service is second to none…”


Testimonial from:  Nick

“…I said I would get back to you with further feedback.  The large retainer cap is a big improvement for me and I find it fits well.  Overall I think your DILE device is very neat, well designed, very easy to operate, very light and discreet to wear under clothing, and I have every reason to believe it will also prove to be very effective.  A great product…”


Testimonial from: Roger (in TX)

“…the operation of another push rod type of tapeless restoration device <name of other device withheld> required me to go to the restroom every time to adjust if needed.  By far your DILE is a much better product due to the simple reason that you can adjust on the fly…”


Testimonial from: Michael S

“…I really like the new DILE. It will be my one [method] of choice… it is unobtrusive (can’t see you have it on)…”


Testimonial from: Bioprof61

“…I just wanted to tell you that after 7 days, the DILE has produced some really impressive results.  A lot more coverage, for a longer time.  I know most of it is the skin stretching, but that’s half the battle.  I know I was a bit critical at first, but I’ve figured out the skin tube catching issue when inserting the lower ball (i’m applying powder to the lower ball so that it slides past the fs).  I also noticed that the more skin that I can pull over the upper ball and keep their with the cath cap, the more comfortable it is and the more tension I can apply.  Consider this an endorsement for which you have permission to use.  Good luck with the launch!…”


Testimonial from: Jwkuehne

“…the DILE enhances tension on the inner skin, between the upper part of the t-tape and the glans…In this first month of t-taping with the DILE and tugger buddy, I have seen as much growth as the entire time before: a double wrinkle!…”


Testimonial from: iwantmyforeskinback

“… ordered melsenior’s new D.I.L.E. product. This thing rocks – just so everyone knows…Acknowledging the genius of the D.I.L.E. of delivering very effective outer and inner tension…”