A good majority of the below is from the original DILE website.  However, there are a few recent* additions.

Over the years, many people and “groups” (i.e., forums) provided inspiration and encouragement while I pursued my “project” of restoring my foreskin.  Much of that support ultimately lead to the development of the DILE.

I wish I could remember all of them, but that was so many years ago.

However, below are some “notable mentions” that are in no order of priority.

With that, I would like to thank:
Dr. Dean Edell for “showing me the light” regarding circumcision

The guy who developed the “T-Tape”!

Fritz, Matt and Redheart for being good friends (back in teh day!) during my early days of restoration and for being “genie pigs” (they were among the first to give early versions of the DILE a “spin”)!

Dket… for providing the template upon which the old website was built

Dmaz… for providing additional web resources

Countless restores who have posted pics and have maintained websites showing their progress

* a HUGE THANK YOU to tenchi25 (from Tally’s forum) for his EXPERT HELP with constructing this new website!

* Two VERY DEAR friends who have, in recent years, supported my desire to spread awareness of the possibilities of restoration. Thanks!

and finally,

My dear wife for putting up with the many changes in Mel’s “equipment” over the past ~20 years