Instructional videos

This section will include various instructional videos.  This section will always be under construction, so please check back for updates.  If you would like to contribute a video, please contact me.

Here is a video showing how to configure your DILE.  It shows the basic components [DILE Mechanism, DILE Cone, DILE Spacers (1.0 cm, 1.5 cm and 2.0 cm) and Glans Cap] and how they all fit together to adjust the overall length of the DILE.  Also, at the end I show how turning the Eye Bolt expands the DILE.  It is important to note that sometimes the “fit” between the various parts (DILE Mechanism and DILE Spacers) is a little “snug” (I am working on resolving that).  If pulling apart with your hands does not work, simply get a pair of pliers and a soft rag and “snap” one part off of the other.