What’s New?

Here I will provide updates on “new happenings”

Feb 18, 2018:

Spent some time past couple days redesigning the “recessed-type” Glans Pushers. based on the prototypes I got in a few days back (see post below).

Here there are!  Ready to “go to print”

With these, the DILE Mech fits “deep” inside and reduces the overall initial length of the DILE.  With the Round -> Oval, this is now ~4.5 cm.

Its been a bit of a learning curve, but we are getting there!

Feb 16, 2018:

SOME REALLY EXCITING NEWS!  Got in some new versions of the Glans Pushers that reduce the overall length of the DILE (at min “state”) to ~4.5cm.  This makes the DILE more accessible to those with less skin!

I need to update the website to reflect these new options (will take a little time), but here is a pic of one.

Jan 27, 2018:

I have added some links to videos hosted at a Vimeo acct (MetaMoreFore) in the “Instructional videos and pictures” page.  These videos are password protected (get p.w. from “Instructional videos….” page).  These videos show the basic installation of the DILE and the DILE in use.  More videos to come.

Jan 21, 2018:

I have now added a few new pictures showing the differences between the “recessed-type” and “spouted-type” DILE.

I’ve also upload (on the the “How teh DILE works” page a very OLD (and kind’a silly) GIF showing how the DILE works.   It is from the old website and i really HORRIBLE – in a funny kind’a way.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance to make something now.

~Jan 10, 2018:

I have updated the website with a new theme (that allows for a banner picture across the top).

This picture is of the Golden Gate Bridge (CA) and was chosen to honor that fact that the DILE was invented in CA (where i lived in the late 1990’s).

It was also chosen to remind me of the fact that had i NOT moved the CA, I probably never would have learned of restoration — and my life is SOOO MUCH BETTER for having so!

Jan 1, 2018:


At present (Jan, 1, 2018) — THIS IS ALL NEW (or at least “renewed” with the release of the DILE Omega!).

For a limited time I will be offering a 20% discount on DILE Packages.

During “check out” please use the coupon code: 20years

This discount will be for a limited time.

Please know that this new version of the DILE will be experiencing a fair amount of “growing pains” as I work out little “bugs” in the components themselves (at present, 95% of any issues have been resolved) and “bugs” in the web site.  I have been involved with restoration and the foreskin restoration community for about 20 years.  “Mel” has a reputation — and I hope it is a “good one.”  I plan to keep it that way, so, when I say I will resolve any issues/problems that arise from these “growing pains” – please, know that I will!

  • Mel