Why chose the DILE?

Below are a handful of reasons for why you should consider the DILE Insert Foreskin Restoration System as your primary restoration device or at least include it in your arsenal of tools!

Note: Some of these listed benefits are leftovers from previous DILE versions, but, they still apply to the OMEGA version


– The DILE has a continuous range in length and tension can be adjusted by simply turning the Eye Bolt.

– Internal tension can be adjusted rapidly and discretely through a pants leg (i.e., no need to retire to the man’s room or behind closed doors); do it during dinner with the family (I DO!).

– The DILE was the first “internal expansion” system to be offered for sale (in ~1998; see Evolution of the DILE) and now (Jan. 2018), after ~20 years, although many new “bi-directional” devices have come (and some gone), none (IMO) revival the usefulness of the “threaded rod” approach that has always been the core mechanism of the DILE!

– Simple and elegant (IMO) design; few moving parts (you only need to turn the Eye Bolt).

– Clear Skin Keeper, allows for quick and accurate visual inspection of skin condition (i.e., if skin is bunched or if it is turning white due to too much tension, etc…).

– Clear Skin Keeper helps reduce the amount of skin that needs to be “caught” between retainer and tugger (as you can clearly see how much is there), increasing the amount of skin available for “tug” (I have been able to get a “good tug” with only ~0.5 inch of skin “trapped” between the Skin Keeper and the Top Hemisphere).

– The unexpanded DILE can be used as a tugger if you wish.

– The only integrated metal part is the Eye Bolt (and parts contained within the DILE Mechanism).

– The usefulness of the DILE was quantified prior to its reintroduction (in ~2003) to the foreskin restoration community (see: Mel’s Progress).

– Availability of a convex (rounded) Glans Pushers avoid “edges” that can dig into glans and surrounding skin.

– The DILE (OMEGA version) is 3D printed and it’s component parts are easily exchanged allowing the user to change its “physical” length by simply installing or removing the Spacers.